Quantum Life Stories

A Quantum Life in Action

Here are some fun examples of using Quantum Life to change everyday events, to create their working out the way you want:

Angie’s Story

Angie arrived for a one-week visit with her sister in Idaho not long after she read the book. With her was her 1-year old baby boy, Jeffrey. Angie’s sister did not have a crib so the plan was for Angie to put the baby in the bed with her. As you might guess, Angie was very concerned about the baby during the first night. Would the he be safe? Would she roll over and crush him? Could the baby roll to the edge and fall? Might the baby crawl away and get hurt on something? The hours passed slowly as her mind came up with every possible frightening scenario, and as a result Angie got no sleep whatsoever.

She arose in the morning and decided this visit would be most unpleasant if she didn’t sleep. She told her sister she would put those quantum secrets she’d read about to a test: Angie decided she would create getting a crib for $5.00. She scanned the newspaper and found a garage sale in the area. She wrote down the driving directions and started out, but when she reached a fork in the road where she was supposed to turn left, Angie saw signs for another garage sale – this was a different one from the one she’d seen in the paper. The signs all had pretty stars on them and she decided to try this garage sale instead, so she turned right. Sure enough, there was a crib at this garage sale, and the price was $5.00. The crib was covered with duct tape, though, and Angie was suspicious.

“What’s with the duct tape?” she asked the owner. He told her the legs were very unsteady and the crib was not safe. Angie decided to buy it anyway, thinking she could saw off the legs and at least the baby would have a bed of his own. When she got back to her sister’s place she showed the crib to her husband, who took off the duct tape to get a better look.

“I think it needs longer screws,” he said. “I have some right here.” He replaced the screws and it turned out to be a brand new crib, now sturdy and perfect!

Kathy’s Story

It was a warm summer day when Kathy picked up her friend Janie for a drive through the eastern New York State countryside. They drove for a couple of hours, the two of them talking, laughing and enjoying their time together. Kathy noticed a lovely pond on their right and pulled her Saab off the road and parked. They both got out and walked around, chatting and appreciating the beautiful scenery. When they returned to the car it wouldn’t start – the engine didn’t turn over and they figured the battery must be dead. Kathy immediately got on her cell phone to call a 24-hour roadside service.

While Kathy was on the phone, Janie took a moment to think about how to deal with this setback. She realized she could influence the outcome in this situation and decided to put the quantum ideas into action. They’d been having such a nice day Janie didn’t want to see it spoiled. She recognized that this car trouble could turn into a drama and spiral out of control, and Janie was determined that it would not ruin their day. She wanted the problem to disappear as quickly and painlessly as possible, so she cautiously stepped out to flag down a passing motorist. The first vehicle that approached was a red truck with a driver who instantly reminded Janie of her ex-husband, who also drove a red truck. Because thinking of her ex brought up bad feelings, she made a snap decision to let that vehicle pass and waited to flag down the next car, which happened to be a Saab like Kathy’s. As it pulled over, Janie noticed that the car behind it had stopped, too.

At this point Kathy was still on her call to the road service, and by now her voice grew louder. She sounded upset. “Can’t you get someone here sooner than 45 minutes?” she asked.

From the two cars that had stopped for Janie stepped a total of seven helpful male college students. Once they checked the car they asked Janie if she had jumper cables. Kathy, still on the phone, got a set of cables from her car.

The guys knew exactly where to place the cables, and once everything was connected the car started right away. When she heard her engine start, Kathy said into the phone, “Never mind. We got it started,” and hung up.

The entire incident took no more than five minutes.

Kristen’s Story

Kristen was excitedly preparing for her wedding, which was to take place on Friday. She’d already found the perfect dress and shoes, and she planned to wear white flowers in her hair. On Wednesday Kristen realized that securely attaching the flowers in her hair might be too difficult because her hair is short. She revisited the store where she’d gotten her dress and came across a pretty veil for $200 that she liked even better than the flowers idea. Kristen and her fiancé were saving every penny for their honeymoon trip to Germany, though, so at first she thought she couldn’t buy the veil.

All week Kristen had been thinking about the quantum ideas – she kept the book right beside her computer, in fact. In the store she thought about creating what she wanted, and she decided that somehow getting the veil would work out. After all, this was her wedding, and she wanted everything to be just right. She believed that somehow there would be enough money for the veil, even though she didn’t know where the money would come from yet.

Kristen charged the veil to her credit card and drove to work, where her boss called everyone into the office for a staff meeting. The meeting turned out to be a celebration for Kristen’s wedding, and the whole group gave her a pre-paid VISA card with a $150 spendable balance.

Kristen was overjoyed with this gift from her coworkers – which covered most of the cost of the veil. After work she drove home, picked up the mail and went in to tell Jim the good news. When she opened her mail a while later, she discovered an unexpected check from her mother. The amount of the check was $300. At the end of the day, Kristen ended up with the veil she wanted and $250 extra.