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Dr. Natalie Reid, Success Coach & Teacher

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Dr. Natalie Reid, Success Coach

Natalie Reid is the author of A Quantum Life.  Her book has received critical acclaim and has been called “a seminal study and guide that can be readily accessed by any general reader.”  Natalie, who holds a Ph.D. in psychology, studied quantum physics for her doctoral program. She also holds a Master Coaching Certificate and  offers Success Coaching sessions where she incorporates 30 years’ experience in psychology, coaching, meditation, and the mind-body connection with her process for change. in addition, Natalie has served on several corporate management teams including Bank of America, Progressive Corp., Charles Schwab and Fair, Isaac. She has talked about her work on TV, radio and in print.

Natalie lives in Western Washington, where she teaches classes and works with coaching clients by phone.

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A Quantum Life throughout the world

The wonderful response to A Quantum Life has been most humbling – the book is touching people all over the world, and has so far been published in Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, and German. Many have written in to say how the book is affecting their lives, and here is a small sample:

“… Many questions revolve around quantum physics and your book is the best out there and has those wonderful guided meditations. Thank you for writing such a fabulous book! I have read many books from Dr. David Hawkins, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Gary Zukav, Chopra, Dyer etc. Your book really moves the subject matter from the author’s opinion to scientific explanation of the power of thought, in a very easy to comprehend and simplified manner.”

“I saw the movie ‘The Secret,’ so I have been reading about this stuff and having some success. The wave and particle thing was confusing to me. I am glad you took the time to break it down step by step and present it in a way the common person can understand. I just could not grasp it but as I read your book I began to understand and when I hit page 138 – IT ALL OPENED UP TO ME – WOW – I really feel more confident now that I have a better understanding. I just want to thank you for writing this masterpiece.”

A Quantum Life: Using Mysteries of Science to Create the Life You Want is available wherever books are sold, including neighborhood Barnes & Noble Booksellers and independent bookstores throughout the United States.