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The Magical Moment

Quantum physics shows us that we create our realities at the moment of observation – so the words on that note will appear as you read them! You can use this information to help you achieve the answers you want. When you are waiting for an answer, prepare yourself – the answer is going to be a reflection of what’s in your subconscious mind, so be sure to have your beliefs and attitudes aligned. Decide what you want to read in that unopened piece of mail, visualize the words, wait until you feel strong and confident. Then open it!

This technique works with letters from loved ones, business mail, even unexpected mail from the IRS (it turned out to be a check for $100 for an overpayment). The method also works for phone calls, too. Say you’re waiting for a job offer. There’s a message on voicemail to call the agency back for the news. Don’t just automatically pick up the phone and call. Wait! Get yourself into a good place first.

Don’t open mail, return calls or observe any kind of news when you’re feeling down! Remember that you are responsible for creating your reality, so get yourself back into a place of confidence and then – at that magical moment when it all comes together – observe the answer. Your results will be much more to your liking!

The Importance of Trust and Hope

You might think trust and hope have nothing to do with science! Of course with quantum physics we see that what’s in our subconscious minds defines what we create, so it’s a science different from all others.

When in doubt hope for the best!. Trust yourself and know that your Higher Power, God, The Universe or whatever name you use, loves you and wants you to have whatever you truly desire – whether that is better health, a decent running car that gets good gas mileage, a better paying, more fulfilling job, or a new pair of Manolo Blahnik’s. And to those couple of scientists who’ve written to say I’m copping out by mixing science with God, may I point out I’m in good company here, as Albert Einstein did that, too!

You’ll want to start with changing any contrary beliefs as in the book, then once you have replaced conflicting ones and have the beliefs that support you in place, begin to trust that it’s all going to work. Hope is part of expectation, and you really do get what you expect, So keep hope alive and well and notch it up to the level of expectation. Expect to see that car in your driveway, expect to be productive in the new improved job, expect to hear the medical people say, “You’re at the top of your game!” and expect to be showing off your new Manolo’s!

The Subconscious Mind, Quantum Physics, and World Economy

Quantum physics shows us we create our realities as we observe or experience them, and we accomplish this creation based on the contents of our subconscious minds. Does this concept mean it is possible for each of us to change world issues like the current economic crisis?

Yes! It is absolutely possible and in fact, you are already influencing what happens every day. Whatever you see and hear goes into your subconscious mind and becomes part of the template for your reality and your entire world. All the positive and negative messages you are exposed to make a map of what your reality will be.

When you hear about how bad the economy is therefore, and when the experts predict that things might get worse before they get better – or some other negative concept – the first thing to say to yourself is “Cancel, cancel.”Those words prevent the negative ideas from becoming imbedded in your subconscious mind – because you don’t want those experts to dictate what happens in your personal reality! You want things to get better right now, so tell yourself those words … “The economy is improving now. Things are getting better every day.”

Always focus on what is right, not what is wrong. You get what you focus on, so keep your sights on the goal, on what you want – including a thriving world economy.

Quantum Physics – What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Perfection is unattainable in human beings, so eventually some things will go wrong for everyone.

When something doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, or when you fail – at a test, at a job interview, at balancing your checkbook, at making a graceful entrance, or whatever the failure, the first thing to do is own your error – in a kind way. Don’t beat yourself up! Own your mistake by saying, “Oops. I didn’t do that very well.” or use some other simultaneously acknowledging and yet forgiving statement.

The next step to take is genuinely feel your feelings, which sounds easier to do than it sometimes is. If you just tripped walking onstage or made a major financial mistake at work, you’ll be upset and embarrassed – and who wants to feel that way? It’s easier to avoid your feelings when you mess up, but it’s important to take responsibility and own everything you do. It’s only when you’re responsible that you can change it!

After you express – to yourself – your true feelings about what happened you can go about cleaning up the problem and learning from it.

While you’re entrenched in an issue, do not ask yourself why you created it, because the automatic answer will be, “Because you’re an idiot,” or some other equally punishing and unhelpful comment. If it’s important for you to know why you created a problem it will become clear to you later. Just deal with the issue, feel your honest feelings, and do what you can to correct it. Then move on!

Remember that quantum physics shows us that we create our realities based on where we place our focus, so let’s not focus on what went wrong! Focus on what went right and on what’s going to go right in the future.

Understanding Quantum Physics and Healing

What we see with quantum physics is that you get what you focus on, what you choose. When something is out of kilter with your body and you need to take some kind of medication, whether it’s allopathic (regular prescriptions or over the counter) or some alternative like homeopathic medicine, you can decide what your results will be – even if the results are not listed on the label!

It’s you who will decide that the medicine will work – or that it won’t work, depending on what’s in your subconscious mind.

Before you take any medication, then, think about how much you want to be healed of your malady. Decide that this medication is exactly what you need, and remind yourself each time you take it that it’s going to solve whatever health problem you have.

It’s your reality and your choice to allow this medication to cure you that will allow it to work. Always remember that the decision is up to you alone, regardless of what you’re told, what the statistics say or what anyone else’s experience is.

It’s your choice.

Hope and Quantum Physics – the Perfect Gift

What better gift can you give someone than the gift of hope? At this time of global economic upheaval, we need to stay positive. It’s not about just saying the words – at the subatomic level, whatever we focus on is what we create, so therefore it is imperative that we genuinely hold onto positive thoughts and feelings, and that we hope for a great outcome. Hope is that blending of optimism, trust and expectation that generates its own energy. No matter how bleak things may look at the moment, remember that everything can change in a flash – quantum physics shows us that change happens in an instant – so we need to trust all will be well and to expect it.

It’s also important to keep beauty in your life, even if you have to cut back to the bare essentials. Find some way to provide something non-essential – flowers or even something you make. Surround yourself with messages that you are deserving of nice things and that the future is bright. Those are the messages you want to give your subconscious mind, especially when times are tight, because what’s in your subconscious mind is what will manifest in your life.

Improve Self Esteem

Self esteem is about love – love you have for yourself, based on your deeds and accomplishments. If your self esteem needs a boost, you might want to make a list of what you have achieved in your life. Don’t think about times when you’ve failed – failures only mean you didn’t succeed at some particular task … they don’t mean you ARE a failure. Focus instead on those areas where you have completed tasks, where you were able to pull it off, when you did what you wanted to do.

Although you might be at a low point today, you have succeeded at something before. Start with the basics. Did you make your bed this morning? Put that down. Have you ever taken any classes, or graduated from school? Put that down. Have you ever learned how to make a decent cup of coffee or boil an egg? Do you smile at strangers? Are you kind to animals?

If you feel you are starting from scratch, recognize it’s probably not entirely true. Feelings are not the same as facts. Stick to the facts and list everything you can think of, everything you’ve done recently or a while ago. Write as many tasks and undertakings you can think of. When you’ve finished writing read the list aloud to yourself. If you’re still having trouble appreciating your own successes, pretend you are thinking about someone else – instead of saying I did this, say “he” or “she.” Read the list, recognize you have value and own it!

What the Bleep Do We Know – about Preventing Earthquakes!?

Several years ago I attended a religious service with a friend of mine. On this particular Sunday the sermon was about the movie What the Bleep do We Know!? The minister lambasted the movie, which is about the mysteries of quantum physics. He found it to be a groundless piece of hooey and ended his sermon with the words, “You can’t prevent earthquakes.”

Naturally I disagree with him most vehemently!

Of course you can – if not prevent earthquakes entirely – at least mitigate them and lessen the damage they can do. With quantum physics nothing is impossible, and everything is possible. Everything! Quantum physics demonstrates that we create our own realities as we experience them, so of course anything and everything is possible.

For those of us who live in California and other places where the earth shifts sometimes, earthquakes are often a consideration if not an actual concern. Years ago I learned a wonderful technique for preventing earthquakes and it’s imagery I’ve adapted and used regularly for nearly 20 years. First I personify the earth as a woman, understanding that she gets uncomfortable from time to time and needs to readjust her position. It’s like when your shoe hurts and you move your foot around inside it to get some relief. I picture foam made of white light – it looks like shaving cream – and I see it going into all the earth’s fault lines and plates, filling in any and all open spaces. The foam works like shoe pads and makes everything comfortable.

I start by picturing this image beneath California, and then I see the foam spread all over the world. While the foam is filling in all the cracks and crevasses, I think the words, “Calm, comfortable and safe,” and it’s my intention to keep the earth comfortable – so she doesn’t have to make any adjustments!

Although I can’t prove it helps, no one, including that minister, can prove it doesn’t help, either.