Creating What You Want – Against the Odds?

Dr. Natalie ReidQuantum physics demonstrates that we create our realities, our own personal realities, at the moment we observe them. And of course what we create is determined by our subconscious minds. If you don’t have a belief that will hold the reality you want, for instance, you won’t be able to create it.

But what if the reality you want is not a usual, normal result, expected by anyone who hears about it? What if it would seem like a miracle to have this reality? For example, what if you want a job, a job you know in your heart would be perfect for you, and you believe you’d be great at it. You also know, however, that others have applied – others who are considerably more qualified. Can you still get that job – can you create that seemingly less likely reality?

Yes, you can!

Remind yourself that the other applicants are not real in your world. You don’t love them, you don’t know them, you just know about them. They don’t exist in your world. In your world it’s only up to you and your subconscious mind, with the help of quantum physics, to create that you get the job. It’s up to you what happens, not anyone else. Make sure your beliefs and choices are aligned, make the decision that you can get the job, whether you are qualified or not!

Hold the vision of you succeeding beautifully in that job and put your energy into making it real.

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