What to Do

sunsetWhat do you do when the global economy is no longer stable, when people are out of work, politics are as unreliable as ever and confusion reigns?

Where do you turn? What can you do? What do you tell your kids?

Two words: Trust and Love. Trust that no matter how bad it looks, things will work out.  Remind yourself that this is your reality, that you are creating it, and that everything will be all right. While you are not personally responsible for global economics, you are creating your reality such that you may be affected by it. Ask for help – you are not in this alone. Ask your Higher Power, or God, or the Universe or whatever name you call the Divine. Love – send loving encouraging thoughts to those in power, whether you voted for them or not. Send them love that they might find the answers. You don’t have to find the answers to fix the global economy yourself, that’s what our world leaders are there for. Send them love, send them healing so they will do the right things and come up with the solutions to our economic turmoil.

2012 is the beginning of time that was not predicted – the Mayan calendar and Nostradamas have dates in 2011 or 2012. Those are not dates of the end of the world, they are the dates where the future could not be predicted, because we will create it for ourselves. Now is the time! Let’s create a more loving, trusting and trustworthy world, where we can all succeed, where it is safe to love and be loved.

Make it a Brand New Day

Brand New DayThe choice is yours each day to create things going your way. You can decide ahead of time how that meeting’s going to go, or who you will be in that interview or on that blind date. It’s all up to you.

Take a few minutes in the morning to think about what the day holds for you. How are you going to handle each situation? Who are you going to be? Your best self, strong, confident, open and loving? Or will you be insecure, wishy-washy and frightened? Or maybe your choice is to be an angry, impatient, intolerant person. It’s your choice, no matter what happened yesterday, last week or last year.  You are in charge of who you are at every moment, and you can always start anew – make it a brand new day.

You can decide to be a beautiful person today, and if you do, others will see it – they may not react the way you hope they will, but on a deeper level, your message will hit home  -  whether you are acknowledged or not …

Your day, and who you are during your day, is about your experience of your life.  It’s your reality, and it’s all up to you.

May you choose a lovely experience of yourself today, being the real you, having success and fun!



Gratitude is not just saying “Thank you.” Gratitude is a state of being, a consciousness. With gratitude you experience a profound appreciation, an acknowledgment that your life itself, and perhaps something in it, is a miracle, it’s a gift. Holding that feeling and experience of gratitude is an energy that generates a new reality, in accordance with quantum  physics.  The more you are grateful for what you have been given, the more your life is enhanced by new gifts. The secret is that you can’t “act grateful” for the purpose of getting more gifts – goods or happiness or whatever else you want in your life. Gratitude has to be sincere!

Genuine gratitude is an energy, an experience and an action that you do for the sake of doing it. Like love, the more you feel it and give it away, the more there is to give. Take time to appreciate – truly appreciate – whatever you have been given, by God, the Universe, or whatever name you use. This isn’t to say to ignore the things that aren’t working in your life, or to play the Glad Game like “Pollyanna” (where the title character turned every negative event into a positive by relabeling, rather than dealing with that event honestly).

When your life isn’t going the way you want, be honest with yourself about it, and at the same time, remember what is going right, too. You can appreciate what is going well for you and admit what you want to change simultaneously.

Remember, quantum physics teaches us we get what we focus on, so put your attention on what you appreciate, then visualize what else you want.

Creating What You Want – Against the Odds?

Dr. Natalie ReidQuantum physics demonstrates that we create our realities, our own personal realities, at the moment we observe them. And of course what we create is determined by our subconscious minds. If you don’t have a belief that will hold the reality you want, for instance, you won’t be able to create it.

But what if the reality you want is not a usual, normal result, expected by anyone who hears about it? What if it would seem like a miracle to have this reality? For example, what if you want a job, a job you know in your heart would be perfect for you, and you believe you’d be great at it. You also know, however, that others have applied – others who are considerably more qualified. Can you still get that job – can you create that seemingly less likely reality?

Yes, you can!

Remind yourself that the other applicants are not real in your world. You don’t love them, you don’t know them, you just know about them. They don’t exist in your world. In your world it’s only up to you and your subconscious mind, with the help of quantum physics, to create that you get the job. It’s up to you what happens, not anyone else. Make sure your beliefs and choices are aligned, make the decision that you can get the job, whether you are qualified or not!

Hold the vision of you succeeding beautifully in that job and put your energy into making it real.

Quantum Change

One of the many cool aspects of quantum physics is the way particles are non-local. That is, a particle is not located in any particular place, it is everywhere at once! The experiments show that a particle can be tracked, and sometimes it suddenly disappears – and a new particle appears somewhere else! Someone asked me if it could be the same particle reappearing, rather than an entirely new one. Perhaps it could, but that’s not what happens – it really is a brand new particle.

You can do the same thing in your life! Think of a problem you want to solve or a situation you want to change. Follow the 5 steps and address why you want it to change it, why you don’t, etc. Then, when you’re ready, visualize the situation the way you want it to be. Remind yourself that you are creating your reality. If you’ve done your homework, when you open your eyes the reality can be totally different. The old reality can vanish and a better, brand new one can appear, just like a subatomic particle!

Transcending Your Problems via Quantum Physics

The idea of transcending your problems – meaning disappearing them as if they never had existed at all – can be complicated AND it’s not impossible! The quantum teaches us we create our realities the moment we observe them, and as you may recall from the chapter on superposition, all possibilities exist at one time. It is our choice, therefore, what we focus on, observe and make real. You can, in effect, decide to let go of a problem, say with your job, by just choosing. You can say, “Enough with these problems at work! I am done with them. Tomorrow when I go in this problem will be gone: solved, vanished, irrelevant – somehow it won’t be an issue any more.” Stay open to every possibility! Don’t hang on the problem’s being solved by any particular method – you don’t really care if it’s reassigned to someone else, or it just magically disappears, as long as it’s not your problem any more, right?

By doing the proper work ahead of time (acknowledging what you’re getting out of it, etc.), you will be prepared to make that fundamental choice.

Transcending the problem makes it disappear the way subatomic particles do – when they reappear in a new place they are completely different. So your life can be different, too!

Choose a New Reality – and Anchor it!

Remember that you’re creating your own personal reality, as quantum physics demonstrates. You can decide at any moment, therefore, to create something brand new for yourself. You can choose to be more loving, kinder, and a lot less crabby to others – and to be nicer and less harsh to yourself, too. Anchor that choice in the physical world and it will seem more real. You can say to yourself, “When I go out the door I’m going to be different,” or “When I finally get up off the couch I’m going to have some energy,” or even, “When I step across the threshold to the bathroom I’m going to be back on my diet.” Having an anchor makes all the difference, though the truth is that you’re making the choice … yet somehow it seems more real if there’s a physical element to the process. Try it on something small or something big – it works! You can even use this method as an adjunct to the 5 steps to get a new job, better health, or a new relationship. The quantum teaches us we create our worlds at the moment we observe them, so first make the choice of what you want to see, then observe it.