The Magical Moment

Quantum physics shows us that we create our realities at the moment of observation – so the words on that note will appear as you read them! You can use this information to help you achieve the answers you want. When you are waiting for an answer, prepare yourself – the answer is going to be a reflection of what’s in your subconscious mind, so be sure to have your beliefs and attitudes aligned. Decide what you want to read in that unopened piece of mail, visualize the words, wait until you feel strong and confident. Then open it!

This technique works with letters from loved ones, business mail, even unexpected mail from the IRS (it turned out to be a check for $100 for an overpayment). The method also works for phone calls, too. Say you’re waiting for a job offer. There’s a message on voicemail to call the agency back for the news. Don’t just automatically pick up the phone and call. Wait! Get yourself into a good place first.

Don’t open mail, return calls or observe any kind of news when you’re feeling down! Remember that you are responsible for creating your reality, so get yourself back into a place of confidence and then – at that magical moment when it all comes together – observe the answer. Your results will be much more to your liking!

The Importance of Trust and Hope

You might think trust and hope have nothing to do with science! Of course with quantum physics we see that what’s in our subconscious minds defines what we create, so it’s a science different from all others.

When in doubt hope for the best!. Trust yourself and know that your Higher Power, God, The Universe or whatever name you use, loves you and wants you to have whatever you truly desire – whether that is better health, a decent running car that gets good gas mileage, a better paying, more fulfilling job, or a new pair of Manolo Blahnik’s. And to those couple of scientists who’ve written to say I’m copping out by mixing science with God, may I point out I’m in good company here, as Albert Einstein did that, too!

You’ll want to start with changing any contrary beliefs as in the book, then once you have replaced conflicting ones and have the beliefs that support you in place, begin to trust that it’s all going to work. Hope is part of expectation, and you really do get what you expect, So keep hope alive and well and notch it up to the level of expectation. Expect to see that car in your driveway, expect to be productive in the new improved job, expect to hear the medical people say, “You’re at the top of your game!” and expect to be showing off your new Manolo’s!

Quantum Physics, “Bull Durham” and Matters of the Heart

In the movie Bull Durham Kevin Costner (playing Crash Davis) tells Susan Sarandon (playing Annie Savoy) that he doesn’t “believe in quantum physics where matters of the heart are concerned.” Crash may be a disbeliever, but that only shows he’s not aware that quantum physics has everything to do with matters of the heart – and it concerns every single part of what exists in our physical reality, too!

You are creating your reality at the moment you observe it, combining secrets from quantum physics and what’s in your own subconscious mind. To change anything in your reality then, what you need to do is change what’s in your subconscious mind. That’s not difficult – it just takes a decision to change and some steps to follow. The first thing to do is to recognize who’s responsible for what you have right now. Are you pleased with everything in your life? If you are, congratulations! It’s you who is creating things to your liking. If you are not satisfied with some area of your life, all the power to change it is yours, since it’s you who is creating it in the first place!

Creating Your Reality in a Frightening Economy

Knowing that you create your own reality does not mean that it always feels as if you are creating it – in fact, when distressing things happen, it doesn’t feel as if you are doing it at all. That’s normal – and that’s also when it’s important to remind yourself that, using your subconscious mind and the way the world works at the subatomic level, you are indeed creating it. As long as you are the one doing it, though, you have the power to change it.

But what about major world problems like the economic crisis happening in the United States and all over the world? Is each of us creating this economic crisis?

Yes, we are – that’s the good news, since that means it’s in our power to heal it, correct it and change it completely.
The first thing to do is remind yourself is that this is your reality, and decide that no matter how it looks – regardless of what you read in the headlines or what the news anchor says on the evening news – it’s not real. This economic crisis is serious, of course. But it’s not real. The world is invisible waves of energy until we manifest it by observing and experiencing, so therefore nothing is real until you pay attention to it.

You get what you focus on, so if you need more money visualize yourself receiving more money. Don’t think about the bills and don’t focus on what you don’t have … focus on what you do have and see it growing.

To help heal the world’s economic picture, focus on seeing positive new headlines and hearing the news anchors telling us that things are on the upswing.

We each have a hand in creating what goes on and we can improve our economic world!

Proof that Visualization Works?

Although quantum physics proves why visualization works, you’ll never be able to prove it to anyone else. Even when you’re successful, you won’t be able to prove that you used secrets of quantum physics and your subconscious mind to create what you wanted. The reason you can’t prove it is that it’s not possible to show anyone what you are thinking. You know you visualized getting that new job or new house or whatever it was, and you can tell everyone that’s what you did, but you won’t be able to prove it to them.

There is no way to see a person’s thoughts – which is a very good thing, as we recall from George Orwell’s 1984 just how creepy and controlling it was to have someone else – in this case the government – inside Winston’s head.

Here’s an analogy I’ve used before: It’s like when you’re watching “Jeopardy” with your friends and when the contestant gives the right question, you say, “I knew that.” Your friends may or may not believe you, and no matter how you try, you may never be able to convince them. But you know the truth – you know that you really had the right answer.

It’s not that important to prove that visualization works, anyway, is it? Even though you won’t be able to prove it, won’t life be more fun if you visualize what you want and get it – even if you never can prove to anyone else that’s what you did?

What’s the Difference between Attracting and Creating, Anyway?

Is it “just” semantics that separates the two words? A dear friend of mine once said that words are all we human beings have to communicate with, so we need to be accurate with them!

The difference between creating our realities, as opposed to merely attracting them, is that creating bears a much greater responsibility. When you create something you are totally responsible for it – whether it is a painting, a relationship with someone you love, a job – whatever it is. Attracting it is more passive, in that what you attract already exists somewhere and you are acting like a magnet, drawing it to you. Creating takes more courage! You are completely responsible for what you create – and that is indeed how we manifest our realities, on a subatomic level, and based on what’s in our subconscious minds.

With responsibility comes authority – you can absolutely have what you want, and visualizing is an important part of getting it, but first you must be sure that you have a fertile field in which to plant the seed of your desire: your subconscious mind cannot hold any contradictory decrees or what you want won’t appear. If you have a belief that you’ll never fall in love or never succeed, or some other limitation, it will prevent your having that relationship or success … and you need to change the belief first, so you can have it!

The Secret’s Law of Attraction sounds Wonderful, it’s just Not Accurate

If you saw or read The Secret a couple of years ago, you learned all about the Law of Attraction. The way the Law of Attraction works is that you attract whatever you have in your mind. So that means you need to picture what you want, a new job, for example. You visualize the new job and it will be drawn to you because the cosmic Law of Attraction means that picture in your mind works like a magnet, attracting that new job, which will then show up in your life.

The only problem with the Law of Attraction is, based on how our reality is created, it doesn’t describe the way the process of having what you want works. Quantum physics – specifically the wave/particle duality aspect of quantum physics – proves that you are creating what you want, not attracting it.

This cosmic Law of Attraction is not a law in quantum physics, the science that studies the subatomic world inside atoms – atoms that join together to form molecules. It’s molecules that make up everything in our world. What we learn from quantum physics is that nothing in our world exists until we create it – at the very moment we observe or experience it. Therefore that new job isn’t sitting in some warehouse, maybe in the Sahara Desert or some other low-rent warehouse district. There isn’t a warehouse filled with new jobs, houses, cars, new husbands and wives – all just waiting to be drawn like a magnetized metal to your side.

In reality, until we observe it, everything in the world exists as an invisible wave of energy. It is our act of observation that gives it form. As humans, the way we observe – and what determines exactly what we experience – is based on what’s in our subconscious minds. The subconscious mind is beyond your normal awareness, so you have to make a special point to access it. Once you access the subconscious mind you can make whatever changes you wish. So to get anything you want, you need to change what’s in your subconscious mind. Once you make the necessary changes, you can have that new job or anything else you want.

But you won’t succeed by attracting. We are much more powerful than magnets – we are magicians, conjuring up what we want to experience. That means if you don’t like what’s in your life right now, or you haven’t had success “attracting” what you want, you can make changes in your subconscious mind and experience a different reality – one that is more to your liking.

For those of you who’ve had some success with the Law of Attraction, it’s important to realize that you’ve done above and beyond what is described in The Secret. You haven’t attracted what you’ve brought into your life, you’ve created it!

The Subconscious Mind, Quantum Physics, and World Economy

Quantum physics shows us we create our realities as we observe or experience them, and we accomplish this creation based on the contents of our subconscious minds. Does this concept mean it is possible for each of us to change world issues like the current economic crisis?

Yes! It is absolutely possible and in fact, you are already influencing what happens every day. Whatever you see and hear goes into your subconscious mind and becomes part of the template for your reality and your entire world. All the positive and negative messages you are exposed to make a map of what your reality will be.

When you hear about how bad the economy is therefore, and when the experts predict that things might get worse before they get better – or some other negative concept – the first thing to say to yourself is “Cancel, cancel.”Those words prevent the negative ideas from becoming imbedded in your subconscious mind – because you don’t want those experts to dictate what happens in your personal reality! You want things to get better right now, so tell yourself those words … “The economy is improving now. Things are getting better every day.”

Always focus on what is right, not what is wrong. You get what you focus on, so keep your sights on the goal, on what you want – including a thriving world economy.

Quantum Physics – What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Perfection is unattainable in human beings, so eventually some things will go wrong for everyone.

When something doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, or when you fail – at a test, at a job interview, at balancing your checkbook, at making a graceful entrance, or whatever the failure, the first thing to do is own your error – in a kind way. Don’t beat yourself up! Own your mistake by saying, “Oops. I didn’t do that very well.” or use some other simultaneously acknowledging and yet forgiving statement.

The next step to take is genuinely feel your feelings, which sounds easier to do than it sometimes is. If you just tripped walking onstage or made a major financial mistake at work, you’ll be upset and embarrassed – and who wants to feel that way? It’s easier to avoid your feelings when you mess up, but it’s important to take responsibility and own everything you do. It’s only when you’re responsible that you can change it!

After you express – to yourself – your true feelings about what happened you can go about cleaning up the problem and learning from it.

While you’re entrenched in an issue, do not ask yourself why you created it, because the automatic answer will be, “Because you’re an idiot,” or some other equally punishing and unhelpful comment. If it’s important for you to know why you created a problem it will become clear to you later. Just deal with the issue, feel your honest feelings, and do what you can to correct it. Then move on!

Remember that quantum physics shows us that we create our realities based on where we place our focus, so let’s not focus on what went wrong! Focus on what went right and on what’s going to go right in the future.

Synchronicity, God and Quantum Physics

Nearly everyone has experienced the kind of synchronicity that plays out like a coincidence – you’re thinking about someone and she calls you, or you have an uneasy sense about a friend and then hear bad news about him. In quantum physics we learn about non-locality. Experiments in the quantum have shown that one particle seems to “know” what another is doing, even when no apparent signal has passed between them, and the scientific term for that phenomenon is non-locality. These scientific words also describe synchronicity!

Quantum physics shows us that we create our realities at the moment we observe them, so are we also creating these synchronous events? Yes, of course, absolutely we are creating them.

Why would we create such phenomena?

I think we do it to experience our connection with each other and with God or the Higher Power or the Universe – whatever word you use to describe some kind of deity, something that’s bigger than just yourself. The magical experience of synchronicity reminds us that we are connected to each other and to God. It reminds us we are not alone.