The Magical Moment

Quantum physics shows us that we create our realities at the moment of observation – so the words on that note will appear as you read them! You can use this information to help you achieve the answers you want. When you are waiting for an answer, prepare yourself – the answer is going to be a reflection of what’s in your subconscious mind, so be sure to have your beliefs and attitudes aligned. Decide what you want to read in that unopened piece of mail, visualize the words, wait until you feel strong and confident. Then open it!

This technique works with letters from loved ones, business mail, even unexpected mail from the IRS (it turned out to be a check for $100 for an overpayment). The method also works for phone calls, too. Say you’re waiting for a job offer. There’s a message on voicemail to call the agency back for the news. Don’t just automatically pick up the phone and call. Wait! Get yourself into a good place first.

Don’t open mail, return calls or observe any kind of news when you’re feeling down! Remember that you are responsible for creating your reality, so get yourself back into a place of confidence and then – at that magical moment when it all comes together – observe the answer. Your results will be much more to your liking!

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