Transcending Your Problems via Quantum Physics

The idea of transcending your problems – meaning disappearing them as if they never had existed at all – can be complicated AND it’s not impossible! The quantum teaches us we create our realities the moment we observe them, and as you may recall from the chapter on superposition, all possibilities exist at one time. It is our choice, therefore, what we focus on, observe and make real. You can, in effect, decide to let go of a problem, say with your job, by just choosing. You can say, “Enough with these problems at work! I am done with them. Tomorrow when I go in this problem will be gone: solved, vanished, irrelevant – somehow it won’t be an issue any more.” Stay open to every possibility! Don’t hang on the problem’s being solved by any particular method – you don’t really care if it’s reassigned to someone else, or it just magically disappears, as long as it’s not your problem any more, right?

By doing the proper work ahead of time (acknowledging what you’re getting out of it, etc.), you will be prepared to make that fundamental choice.

Transcending the problem makes it disappear the way subatomic particles do – when they reappear in a new place they are completely different. So your life can be different, too!

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